Article: Self Driving Trucks Now Delivering

We live in a time and age where every day we hear of something new and amazing coming to manifest itself.  Well that day has come for the trucking industry.  Autonomous semi trucks began deliveries in Southern California this month, and they are delivering smart refrigerators.  How cool is that? – Source Self-Driving Trucks […]

Article: 7 ways auto technology impacts drivers, consumers & insurers

Tom Rubenacker – – Source Automotive technology is evolving faster than ever before. Semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, car-sharing has become the norm, and consumers expect their insurance to be capable of adjusting premiums based on real-time driving feedback. All of these issues are having a fundamental impact on the driving […]

Why the first fully autonomous cars won’t look like anything else on the road.

by Autoblog Gary S. Vasilash – Source Shortly after he became president of what was then Google Self-Driving Cars, John Krafcik and I were talking design. At one point during the conversation, he said, “Doesn’t it look like you just want to hug it?” He was talking about one of the Google self-driving vehicles. No, […]