Video: Expensive Car Fails

With the advent of dash cams, video cameras, and the cell phone (both capturing and causing), we can take a close look at those accidents that bring us into the auto body shop for repairs. So if you’re a fan of watching a little bumper to bumper action, you might want to subscribe to the […]

Article: Your Guide to Upgrading Wheels & Tires

When we all look at a car, one of the first things that we notice are the rims and the tires.  But how can you get that “wow” look when you decide to upgrade your rims and tires? There are some tips and guidelines that you can follow in order to maximize your chance of […]

Video: Aerodynamics in Vintage Cars?

When one starts to travel around during the summer, you’ll notice how much fuel efficiency you get on your trips.  Well, we think about these things, and aerodynamics too!  But are today’s cars better than it’s predecessors?  Well, here’s a vintage car that might bend the rules a bit. – Source What makes the […]

Tips: Extend the Life of Your Car

A new vehicle today is the second largest investment you will probably make in your life.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “From 2008 to 2012, the average age of U.S. households’ vehicles increased as owners held on to their cars, trucks, and vans longer. The trend in aging autos coincides with declines in […]

Article: Travel By Car With Your Animal Companion

Summer is a time for travelling, outdoor activities, and fun outdoor gathering.  Most likely if you have a pet, your pet is going to want to join in the fun too! But if you have tried to take your pet companion along with you, you know that it can be a hassle.  Here’s some tips […]

Article: Evolution of Auto Air Conditioning

We’re starting to get into some of the hotter days of summer, and today we wanted to reflect back on one of those things we often take for granted when the summer heats up.  It took a while before air conditioning in cars became perfected to the state that they are today.  Here’s an article […]

Happy Fourth from Dabler Auto Body!

Happy Independence day from Dabler Auto Body.  We recently held our 50th Anniversary Party, so make sure you check out the photo gallery, the video, and the links to the 50th Anniversary Photo Booth Album.  We also helped sponsor the 9th Annual Farmers Insurance and ServiceMaster of Salem Charity Golf Classic. Not only did were […]

Tips to Reduce Road Noise

It’s summertime and getting out on the road is on everyone’s minds.  Here’s a few pointers to keep your summer calmer and quieter in your car: 1. Undercoating- Not only does undercoating help seal up the underside of your vehicle it helps provide a small sound barrier between the road and your car. If you’ve […]

9th Annual Farmers Insurance / ServiceMaster Golf Classic

Once again this year, Dabler Auto Body was a sponsor, and winner of the annual Farmers Insurance and ServiceMaster of Salem Charity Golf Classic.  Each year a golf tournament  is held at the McNary Golf Club in Keizer to help raise money for the following sponsors: The Liberty House Liberty House is a child abuse […]

Video: Top Ten Car Hacks

Here are some very creative but effective car hacks out of everyday items.  Who knew that toothpaste could clear up those foggy front headlights?  Here’s an article from, with another video to follow, enjoy! Top 10 DIY Car Hacks Kevin Purdy 2/27/08 12:00pm Take a look at all the devices in your life, and […]