Covid-19 Safety Measures

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To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, Dabler Auto Body has implemented numerous Covid-19 safety precautions that guide how we conduct our daily business. Every vehicle coming in for an estimate or repairs will be thoroughly disinfected, unless specifically instructed … Read More

The New 2019 BMW X7

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BMW’s newest edition in the SUV category is their largest yet.  The new BMW X7 slots above the very popular X5, and competes directly against the Benz GLS, the Cadillac Escalade, and the Land Rover Range Rover. The X7 joins … Read More

Eco-Friendly Auto Body Services

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Surprisingly, the most energy intensive steps in automotive manufacturing and auto body services are the coating processes.  Not only does it take a lot of energy to coat your favorite ride with the latest colors and finishes, but the process … Read More

February’s Local Events – Salem, OR

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Are you looking for something to do in Salem, OR and the surrounding Willamette Valley area?  Well we’ve comprised a list of local events in the area to check out!   Mid-Valley Food Summit Date and Time Sat, February 3, … Read More

Article: How Car Suspension Systems Work

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Source – How Car Suspension Systems Work by Jason Unrau On the surface it appears the suspension of a car has a pretty straightforward job. If the bumps end up being less bumpy then it’s all good, right? In … Read More

Video: Airless 3D Printed Tires

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Michelin is on to something, and it might be big.  Look what they have to say about their latest tire concept: At Movin’On, Michelin is lifting the veil on what we think mobility will look like tomorrow: an airless, rechargable, … Read More

Video: Winter Driving Bloopers

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All across America, it’s getting cold.  Over the last few weeks we’ve given tips on how to drive safely, and keep your car or truck in top shape.  Now, a video that’s a little different. Driving in a winter wonderland… … Read More

Driving Safe in a Digital World

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When you walk down the street, you can see the influence of the digital world everywhere. You can really understand when you see everyone’s heads buried in a cell phone. Don’t think that influence bleeds over into automotive use and … Read More

Article: OnStar Helping Harvey Victims

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DETROIT — As Harvey, the hurricane turned tropical storm, lingers above southeast Texas and Louisiana, local emergency responders remain overwhelmed with calls for help. To cope, they are asking General Motors subsidiary OnStar for assistance. “We are assisting the Red … Read More

Video: Expensive Car Fails

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With the advent of dash cams, video cameras, and the cell phone (both capturing and causing), we can take a close look at those accidents that bring us into the auto body shop for repairs. So if you’re a fan … Read More

Tips to Reduce Road Noise

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It’s summertime and getting out on the road is on everyone’s minds.  Here’s a few pointers to keep your summer calmer and quieter in your car: 1. Undercoating- Not only does undercoating help seal up the underside of your vehicle … Read More

Video: Top Ten Car Hacks

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Here are some very creative but effective car hacks out of everyday items.  Who knew that toothpaste could clear up those foggy front headlights?  Here’s an article from, with another video to follow, enjoy! Top 10 DIY Car Hacks … Read More

Orrin Hatch on PARTS Act

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Body Shop Business Staff Writers – Source U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch has reintroduced a bipartisan bill that would reduce the 14-year time period that OEMs can enforce design patents on crash parts such as bumpers, fenders and door panels against … Read More

New Technology: Tires from BioMass

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University of Minnesota researchers think they have found a way to make the production of tires and other rubber-based products more environmentally sustainable. “This research could have a major impact on the multi-billion dollar automobile tires industry” – Paul Dauenhauer, … Read More

Spring Cleaning, for your Auto

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Some car cleaning and maintenance tips for spring: Carpeting and Upholstery: Focus first on the interior carpeting and upholstery. Using a damp towel, wash down the seats. Get rid of any rock salt debris, mud or dry dirt on the … Read More

Recent Media and Photos

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Here are some images from some of our recent work at Dabler Auto Body.  We are the premier auto body, paint, paint-less dent removal, frame, and automotive restoration professionals in the Salem, Oregon area.

2017 BMW M760i

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Motor Trend recently took the new 2017 BMW M760i out for a spin to establish an understanding of the new BMW offering.  What they had to say was quite impressive: The final product is a solid and confident vehicle. It’s … Read More

Protecting Your Car’s Paint in Winter

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Winter can be a very tough time for your car’s exterior.  We’ve assembled some simple tips here to help you to protect your car in the winter driving conditions. Apply polymer wax Adding a polymer wax to your car’s paint creates … Read More

2016 Holiday Car Deals

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The end of the year and the holiday season can be a great time to look for a new car. has assembled a list of the best deals from around the different manufacturers. Vehicle Special Deal 2016 Kia Optima Lease … Read More

Top 5 Women in Automotive History

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by Ed Attanasio You probably already know the names of the world’s most famous women of all time, such as Sojourner Truth (abolitionist), Amelia Earhart (pilot), Lucille Ball (actress) and Billie Jean King (tennis), for example. In honor of Mother’s … Read More

Automated Vehicle Technology

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The next greatest leap in vehicle technology is becoming more and more mainstream every day.  It won’t be long until you see one of these in your neighborhoods, a fully automated vehicle. It was once a dream, pictured in movies … Read More

Monterey Car Week

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Every year in Monterey, California some of the most amazing, beautiful, and most expensive cars on the planet show their faces.  High end and performance cars from all over the planet assemble and engage in a multitude of  automobile events … Read More

Classic F1 Ferrari

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We came across this wonderful article by and thought we would share it’s awesomeness.  This 1970 Ferrari F1 car was equipped with a state of the art at the time three-liter flat-12 engine.  Here’s an excerpt from the article: … Read More

The Dabler Auto Body Story

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Serving Salem for over 49 Years! Chuck Dabler grew up in an era with a love for cars, and graduated from OTI with degrees in auto body repair and business. In 1967, he started a Volkswagen dealer shop on Lancaster … Read More