Volvo’s Self-Driving Car Project, Real People and Real Roads

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In a continuation of our last post, Volvo has recently started it’s ‘Drive Me’ project. Volvo is calling it:

“world’s most ambitious and advanced public autonomous driving experiment.”

The new XC90 builds upon Volvo’s current semi-autonomous technologies, which they already deploy in their production vehicles. In special autonomous driving zones around Gothenburg, Sweden called the Autonomous Driving Brain (named by Volvo), hands-off and feet-off capability are enabled in the XC90.

Volvo has also recently announced a highly ambitious project in China, placing over 100 autonomous vehicles to the test on public roads. In regards to a similar project in the U.S. Volvo’s CEO Lex Kerssemakers responded:

“Our ambition is to have a similar project also in the United States, when? I do not know. It is very premature. It is in the very early stages.”

So can we say that the self driving car era has started? Maybe we should wait till the results get in.