Protecting Your Car’s Paint in Winter

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Winter can be a very tough time for your car’s exterior.  We’ve assembled some simple tips here to help you to protect your car in the winter driving conditions.

Apply polymer wax

Adding a polymer wax to your car’s paint creates a shield against road salt and grime, as well as snow, sleet and rain. This is one of the most important things you can do to protect your paint in winter conditions.

Pressure wash

Whenever you get a chance, rinse off the dirt and grime that has attached itself to your car.  The more you can keep these abrasive materials off your car, the longer the paint will look new.

Add more wax

To compliment the polymer wax, additional coats of auto wax should be applied at regularly scheduled intervals.

Be mindful of brushing

When you do have to brush off your car, make sure to use a soft bristle brush, and watch bumping your finish with the solid parts of the brush.

Give it a spring cleaning

When the sun finally does arrive, give your car a complete cleaning and detail.  Dust and dirt left behind can build up and wear down the exterior of your vehicle.

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