11 States with the Fastest Speed Limits

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Ever find your right foot inadvertently gets heavier? Does your speed increase with a great song? Before you know it, you’re going 80 mph where the limit is 55 mph. If you have a tendency to speed, you must keep a close eye on your speedometer and know the various speed limits around you.

Surprisingly, the states that make up our great nation have very different opinions on how fast is too fast. Check out the states with the highest speed limits and learn some interesting speed limit facts across America.

The GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Association) has compiled data, updated August 2016, for the various speed limits for each state based on the type of vehicle and roadway.

The data is provided in six categories: rural interstates, urban interstates, and limited access roads for both cars and trucks. The average of these data points gave the results for the countdown below.

View the complete data in all six categories by state here.

#5 – Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oklahoma

Four states tie for having the 5th highest average speed limits in the US. Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma all have an average speed of 72 mph for their various roads and vehicle types.

#4 – Idaho and North Dakota

Coming in 4th with an average speed of 73 mph are two mid-western states, Idaho and North Dakota.

#3 – Maine, Utah, and Wyoming

Three states tie for 3rd for the fastest allowed speeds for their drivers. Maine joins two western neighbor-states for the average speed of 75 mph.

#2 – South Dakota

The state ranking 2nd has a surprising 4 mph average speed limit higher than the state just above it. Their names are almost the same, they share a border, but the southern Dakota allows their drivers to go quite a bit faster with an average limit of 77 mph.

#1 – Texas

Not sharing the podium for first is Texas with an average allowed speed of 78 mph. Many people drive about 5 mph over the speed limit, thinking that’s safe and will still keep them from a ticket. In many parts of Texas, that means driving 90 mph!

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