Dabler Auto Body Hosts Polyvance Plastic Repair Clinic

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In late January 2018, Dabler Auto Body, along side Farmers Insurance hosted a Polyvance Repair Clinic.  During the event, representatives and technicians from about 20 different body shops attended the event.

The event included training on Polyvance techniques, technology, and the latest equipment in the plastics repair industry.  Here’s Polyvance’s mission statement from their website:

Just about any automobile collision will result in damage to the bumper. Before the 1980’s, most of the bumpers were made from steel. Today, just about all automobiles have bumper covers made from plastic. Most of the early plastic bumper covers were made from urethane and, in 1981, Polyvance (formerly Urethane Supply Company) was formed to address the needs of bumper recylcers and to supply products to repair urethane bumper covers. Hence the name Urethane Supply Company. As auto manufacturers began using other materials in bumper covers, Urethane Supply Company developed products to repair those types of plastics as well.

Here’s a bumper repair video demonstrating the process:


The next time you’re in need of some plastic body repair, be sure to give Dabler Auto Body a call. A locally owned family business in Salem, OR!

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