Automated Vehicle Technology

The next greatest leap in vehicle technology is becoming more and more mainstream every day.  It won’t be long until you see one of these in your neighborhoods, a fully automated vehicle. It was once a dream, pictured in movies and the imagination of Americans for generations. Ever since the rise of the ‘horseless-carriage’  itself, […]

Monterey Car Week

Every year in Monterey, California some of the most amazing, beautiful, and most expensive cars on the planet show their faces.  High end and performance cars from all over the planet assemble and engage in a multitude of  automobile events this week, August 15-21.  Auctions, cruises, individual manufacturer events, car shows, and plenty of good […]

BMW Madness – M2 vs 1M Coupe vs M4 Track Comparison (video)

When Road and Track came out with a video article placing some of the hottest BMW sports sedans on the market, we had to share it with our readers.  They placed an older 1M Coupe,  the new M2 sedan, and a M4 (the bigger brother of the M2). We enjoy our BMWs, and we know […]