Subaru WRX Takes on Downhill Bobsled Track

Automotive News – Source “Bobsled” is a nearly two-minute clip of a Subaru WRX STI that’s been outfitted to handle the twists and turns of a bobsled course. The course featured in the video is the Olympic bob run at St. Moritz-Celerina in Switzerland. The car, driven by rally driver Mark Higgins, takes some bumps […]

Why the first fully autonomous cars won’t look like anything else on the road.

by Autoblog Gary S. Vasilash – Source Shortly after he became president of what was then Google Self-Driving Cars, John Krafcik and I were talking design. At one point during the conversation, he said, “Doesn’t it look like you just want to hug it?” He was talking about one of the Google self-driving vehicles. No, […]

New Technology: Tires from BioMass

University of Minnesota researchers think they have found a way to make the production of tires and other rubber-based products more environmentally sustainable. “This research could have a major impact on the multi-billion dollar automobile tires industry” – Paul Dauenhauer, U of M Associate Professor and lead researcher Tire companies have been making biomass-derived isoprene […]

Spring Cleaning, for your Auto

Some car cleaning and maintenance tips for spring: Carpeting and Upholstery: Focus first on the interior carpeting and upholstery. Using a damp towel, wash down the seats. Get rid of any rock salt debris, mud or dry dirt on the carpeting using a carpet-cleaning machine, if possible. The Console: Wash the consoles carefully. Avoid getting […]

New Study: $3 Billion/Year Spent on De-Icing Damage

A new study by the AAA concluded that in total, Americans spent over $15 billion over the last 5 years on damage incurred from salt and de-icing methods on our roads.  That comes to over to an average of $3 billion per year. “While the application of de-icing salts and solutions is critical to keeping […]